Hall County Skywarn uses color-coded Condition Levels to indicate the level of severe weather concern. The current level is incorporated into the color scheme for the website, and details for the reason for the current level can be found at the Activation page. Here is an overview of the basic levels and when to expect them:

Condition Green – this is the standard operating mode, and indicates no severe weather is anticipated in the next 24 hours.

Condition Yellow – this is an elevated risk level, indicating that severe weather is possible in the next 12-24 hours. No official spotter action is implied, but Spotters should pay attention for changes at any time.

Condition Orange – this is synonymous with standby activation of the Spotter network. It often coincides with the issuance of a Severe Thunderstorm or Tornado Watch. A standby net may be established during this time if it appears that severe conditions are imminent. The Chatroom will be monitored during this time and occasional updates on the situation will appear there.

Condition Red – this is official Skywarn Spotter activation. This occurs anytime that a Severe Thunderstorm or Tornado warning is issued for Hall county. At this time an active net will be established, and Spotters can also or alternatively use the Chatroom to report severe weather. This information will then be relayed to the NWS by the Skywarn Coordinator, net coordinator, or a Designated Relay Station. Occasionally the NWS will activate a statewide net, and amateur radio users may choose to call in on that rather than the local net.

Condition Blue – this level is used during significant winter weather events, typically when a watch, advisory or warning has been issued. The threat level is similar to Orange, with Spotters on standby mode. If the winter weather gets intense enough, full activation to Condition Red may still occur.

Condition Purple – this is a special level used only during the aftermath of storm damage. It would indicate that amateur radio-certified Spotter assistance is needed for getting communications assistance for rescue and clean-up teams.

  • Reporting Tools

    NWS Submit Report
    NWS – 866-763-4466


    Hall County Skywarn sends out notifications when we move to elevated conditions.

    Notifications can be sent to either your email or to a cell phone number, or both if you prefer.

    If you would like to have notifications sent to you, please send an email to admin@hallcountyskywarn.com with your name and Amateur call sign (if applicable), and the email and/or phone number where you wish to receive notifications.